God had put all animals under the care of human being. As such, we viewed it very important to educate our children to care and be aware of animals. When children think it is fun to have pets, adults know it is about responsibility.

Easter Egger Daycare Centre encourages every children to have a pet because we believe besides responsibility, a child’s total being grow wells with an animal that relates well to them. We will teach the children about responsibilities and care of their pets. Most important, we would like them to know God has put all animals under their authority and care.

Extracted from, we also believes a child who are constantly expose to animals behaviour will be more courageous in their act.

A child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development can all be encouraged by interaction with the family pet.

ChicksAs a start, we propose fish, turtle, chicks and rabbit. There are many birds around, so a bird bath to watch them fly freely and rest are more comforting than cage.

We also welcome suggestions of animals from parents that you think will promote positive well being of a child. Kindly talk to us personally.

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