Bible reading

Bible Reading

Time: Friday, 8.30pm till 10.00pm (call by appointment)

Cost: Free and learning materials will be provided. Do bring stationary and a bible if your child has one. Else, we will provide.

No of children: at least 5 children per group

Language: English

Criteria from children: interest.

Justification for the programme:

This programme is suitable for children of any age who does not know how to read from a bible nor knowing what a bible is.

Learning experience:

Children will go through a process of guidance on what a bible is, interacting with the bible and playing hide and seek with God’s words in the bible.

Learning approach:

Interactive and fun-filled with the bibles

Learning Outcome:

At the end of the programme, children will know the bible consist of two major testament and the number of chapters on each testament. They will also be able to turn to verse accordingly to chapter and verses given.

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